Larson Goes Electric

Larson Escapes are pulling ferry duty in China

Larson Escape Electric

Larson Escape electric pontoons offer an eco-friendly power alternative.Larson Boats

A fleet of five American-made, electric–powered pontoons is currently on duty ferrying folks in Shanghai, China. Last year, the Larson Boat Group was contacted by the Chinese government, which was seeking a low-impact, large-capacity craft to use for getting passengers across the busy Huangpu and Yangtze rivers. Known in the industry for its “green” manufacturing processes, which include Roplene and VEC manufacturing processes, the Little Falls, MN, builder was targeted by China to help support that nation’s pollution-sensitive efforts in key areas to develop a pontoon-style boat that supported that initiative. The Chinese government worked with Larson to come up with the company’s first all-electric pontoon boat model, the Larson Escape 21 TTT (Tapered Tube Technology), powered by a 4.0 RL Torqeedo electric motor. The first model shipped late last year, followed by several more electric Escapes that will eventually form a fleet of ten boats capable of ferrying up to ten passengers each, in the comfort of individual high-backed seats.

Larson spokesman Matthew Vetzner said that the custom-built model is not in use stateside – at least yet. Learn more by visiting and