Latham Marine: Great Parts and Big Hearts

Latham Marine helps raise over $3,000 for Special Olympics at a Dream Ride Experience promotional event.

Bob and Kathy Latham of Latham Marine have long been known to put their money where their hearts are–and at a recent fundraiser for Special Olympics, they continued to share in the joy of helping others, including those with intellectual disabilities.

Latham Marine took part in a Dream Ride Experience promotional event at the impressive Larry Wilson Collection, at his private Palm Beach location, warehousing an extensive display of over 50 show cars. The Latham’s donations helped raise over $3,000 for Special Olympics, the signature charity for the Dream Ride. In addition to their donations of a gift basket including a $150 gift card, wine and a private Factory Tour of Latham Marine, Kathy Latham donated her time to assisting the other volunteers and organizers with preparing the other auction items and gift baskets.

The Dream Ride Experience event is an over-the-road adventure for motorcyclists and car enthusiasts that started in 2001 and will take place August 16-22, 2014. The route originates in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and ends in Farmington, Connecticut; many satellite rides have formed all culminating with a weekend full of fun and fundraising events at the final destination, August 22- 24, 2014.


The Lathams were impressed by Meg Weinberger, the organizer of this event, as they met at another charitable fund raising fishing tournament last year which benefitted rescued animals-another favorite cause of both families. “We are so happy to lend our support to other members of the community who give tirelessly and generously to disadvantaged people and animals,” says Kathy Latham, “Meg is an amazing woman and Latham Marine is pleased to assist her in her causes which coincide with our own, as well as our work to contribute to our military veterans, We always ‘give back'” she adds, “Latham Marine has been fortunate in reaping the rewards of our hard work, so we gladly donate our time and resources to those less fortunate.”

About Dream Ride: The Dream Ride Experience
For thousands of Special Olympics athletes, Dream Ride is a unique opportunity to receive recognition for their achievements and efforts to overcome intellectual challenges, shatter stereotypes and celebrate with the entire community in a unique way.

While Dream Ride is an event to pay tribute to these talented men, women and children living with intellectual disabilities, it’s also an important way for a community to activate and share their passion for a worthy cause.


Join those driven to help Special Olympics –The Dream Ride Experience
For over 13 years, Dream Ride has donated an impressive $2,245,000 to Special Olympics. There are now starting locations throughout the Northeast, Eastern Seaboard, Canada and Australia. We are so fortunate that our renewed partnership with the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics has given us these opportunities and more. Our ties with emergency and rescue teams run deep with over 85,000 volunteer law enforcement officers carrying the “Flame of Hope” alongside Special Olympics athletes into the Opening Ceremonies of local competitions at the State, National and World Games. This gives Special Olympics the opportunity for exposure in 40 nations, 13 Canadian provinces and all 50 U.S. states.

In addition to Dream Ride 2014, organizers have expanded and opened the event to animal rescue organizations and CT Children’s Medical Center patients. We have a passion for improving, enhancing and saving lives, and we are excited to have the opportunity to facilitate the adoption of many deserving companions and host members of the CCMC community.