Latham Variable Power Steering

Power steering is improved with Power on Demand system.

Latham Pump

Latham Marine's Variable Power Steering made its debut at last month's Miami International Boat Show. The KPMP-8401 and KPMP-8402 are designed for large multiple outboard applications. The pumps have the Power on Demand controlling system that keeps down operating noise while providing the ease of control that drivers expect from power steering.

Unlike other systems that kick on while at idle or draw excessive power when engaged, the Latham Marine system reduces both operating characteristics. Latham’s system is the only one with the Power on Demand feature. Driven by a microprocessor, it varies the amount of power going to the pump based on how fast you turn the steering wheel. Latham programs the system when it’s assembled, and each unit can be adjusted to an operator’s preference.

The Latham KPMP-8401 is designed for systems with up to three engines, or other applications in which space or weight may be an issue. This new pump assembly has a proprietary electric motor, which is an upgrade to previously offered motors on Latham’s closed center systems, but it keeps the same compact size and shape. The new motor is equipped with a fan to keep the oil and electronics cool.

The KPMP-8402 is designed for three or more outboards and heavy-use commercial and government vessels' long duty cycles. This new pump assembly has all the features of the KPMP-8401 with the addition of a lower rpm and larger electric motor. This motor helps reduce noise and add more power and flow for the larger and most demanding marine applications. For more information contact Latham Marine at 800-422-RAMS or