Livorsi Marine Tabs with Transducers

Livorsi adds Garmin Marine’s Panoptix PS30 Down Transducer to its trim tabs.

Livorsi Marine Tabs with Transducer
Livorsi Marine Tabs with TransducerLivorsi Marine

Livorsi Marine has added Garmin Marine’s Panoptix PS30 Down Transducer to its billet hydraulic trim tabs. The patent-pending concept does away with having to drill into a hull to install a transducer. The unit mounts directly to the tab and doesn’t disrupt water flow.

The Panoptix system provides real-time moving sonar images. In LiveVu Down mode, anglers can see their lures or live bait. In RealVu 3D Down, when the boat is at rest, operators can still see things in 3-D around the boat. It shows the history of one sweep, scanning from the back and from side to side. Finally, RealVu 3D Historical is used to find fish while your boat is moving. It shows the entire water column you have passed over in 3-D, from the bottom of the surface and all the fish in between. Learn more about the transducer and compatible fish finders at