Livorsi Tabs With LED Lighting

Add underwater LEDs to Livorsi trim tabs.

Livorsi Billet trim-tab kits can now be ordered with underwater LEDs. The LED units mount directly to the trim-tab upper surface, with wiring routed through the tab transom plate. A choice of 4- or 6-inch LED units is offered, in white, blue red or green colors. The LED option is available on four Livorsi tab models: 750 Performance Kit, 850 Military Kit, 950 Mercury Replacement Kit and 1050 Performance Kit.

Livorsi Tabs With LED LightingLivorsi

In addition to the LED lighting option, Livorsi trim-tab kits are offered in a choice of 11 powder-coated colors and with machined custom logos. All Livorsi tabs are CNC-machined from billet aluminum and Mil-Spec hard-coat-anodized to prevent corrosion, with the additional saltwater corrosion protection of anodes. All hinge pins and hardware are stainless steel, and the transom angle is adjustable without the use of special tools. Bolt patterns include Mercury or a smaller Livorsi bolt pattern for center consoles. The hydraulic cylinders are designed for 1,500 psi working pressure with dual seals, and the cylinders may be serviced. Choose between plug-and-play LED electronic position indicators or mechanical position indicators. Livorsi trim-tab kits include two billet tabs, two pumps, mounting hardware, plug-in harnesses and through-hull fittings. For more information: