Malibu 22 VLX Wakesurfing Review

Malibu's 22 VLX throws a wave that is long and surprisingly big and powerful for its size.
Malibu 22 VLX Wakesurfing Review
Length: 21’10” | Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 48 gal. | Seating Capacity: 14 | Dry Weight: 4,300 lb. | More Information: Malibu Boats

The 22 VLX builds off the legendary VLX name and brings unparalleled versatility to the water, with a wave that will pleasantly surprise you.

What You Get
The 22 VLX feels more like a smaller LSV than a bigger VLX because of its 102-inch beam. Like the LSV, the VLX wave is long and surprisingly big and powerful for its size. A boat like the 22 VLX is where Surf Gate and the Power Wedge really shine, because they can take a smaller wake and turn it into a big, fun wave that lets you surf farther back than you’d expect.

Who It’s For
Fans of the classic Malibu Wakesetter VLX boats of yesteryear will love the 22 VLX. With additions like Command Center and options like Surf Gate and Power Wedge, the 22 VLX really shines as a classic-looking boat that can do a lot. The moderate shape of the 22 VLX wave is great for beginners to advanced riders, another testament to the versatility of the Power Wedge.


Our Favorite Things
Classic lines and waves. The 22 VLX delivers classic Malibu looks and wakes and waves.
Power Wedge 2. It really shines on a boat like the 22 VLX and delivers a clean, moderate, long wave.
Surf Band. You no longer have to scream at the driver to adjust settings. Do it yourself. Realistically this thing is a marriage saver.

Malibu 22 VLX Wakesurfing Review
Malibu 22 VLX Wakesurfing Review WBM

Our Surf Settings
Speed: 10.8
Crew: 2
Ballast: Full Available Ballast
User Settings: Surf Gate Engaged, Power Wedge at 1