Malibu 25 LSV Wakesurf Review

The Malibu 25 LSV blends a big wave with a spacious interior.
Malibu 25 LSV
Length: 25′ | Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 77 gal. | Seating Capacity: 19 people | Standard Ballast: 1,476 lb. | Max Ballast: 4,800 lb. | More Information: Jason Lee

Brian Grubb has more wakeskate ­titles and awards than we could ever list, but he has also become a versatile and talented wakesurfer.

How I Utilize Standard Ballast
I fill all four of the hard ballast tanks full.

How I Utilize Extra Ballast
I also use two 750-pound plug-and-play bags in the stern lockers and have 1,500 pounds in lead weight under the seats throughout the boat.


Custom Settings
I ride with the Surf Gate engaged and the Wedge on 3. I also wear my Surf Band so I can control the boat speed and Wedge adjustments, and initiate transfers while I’m surfing.

Boat Speed
I usually ride at 11 mph.

Malibu 25 LSV
Malibu 25 LSV Jason Lee

I Usually Surf
I like to surf frontside and backside. With Surf Gate and the Surf Band, it is easy to transfer back and forth on the fly.


Preferred Board
I ride lots of different boards behind the boat, but my go-to board is the ­Hyperlite Shim. It’s great for skim- and surf-style riding.

My Favorite Single Feature On My Boat Is
The best thing about my 25 LSV is how spacious the interior is and how big the wave is. I can take all my friends and their friends on the boat to surf, and still have plenty of room on board!

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