Malibu 25 LSV Wakesurfing Review

Malibu's 25 LSV offers classic looks, tons of space and a giant wave.
Malibu 25 LSV Wakesurfing Review
Length: 25′ | Beam: 102″ | Fuel Capacity: 77 gal. | Seating Capacity: 19 | Dry Weight: 5,600 lb. | More Information: Malibu Boats

The 25 LSV is the biggest boat in Malibu’s line, holding you and up to 18 of your friends. Bigger boats come with bigger wakesurf expectations, and the 25 LSV lives up to all of them.

What You Get
Not only is the 25 LSV one of the biggest boats in the inboard market, but it’s also one of the best. You get classic looks, tons of space, and all the luxury and tech Malibu has to offer, along with a giant wave. The 25 LSV’s wave is big and long, and can be made longer by tweaking the Power Wedge settings. We tested it with the Wedge at 3, and that provided a long wave that was easy to go back and forth on with minimal pumping.

Who It’s For
The rider who wants to include everybody — and then some. Holding 19 people, the 25 LSV has room for all of your friends and all of their things, while providing a killer wave for surfing. Thanks to internal ballast, the Power Wedge and Surf Gate, the 25 LSV wave can be customized for all levels and styles of wakesurfing.


Our Favorite Things
The size and seating. The 25 LSV is extremely comfortable with a variety of seating options and configurations.
Steering-wheel controls. Having everything at your fingertips is awesome when driving a boat this big.
Surf Band. Malibu’s wristband remote lets surfers control speed, Power Wedge and transfers.

Malibu 25 LSV Wakesurfing Review
Malibu 25 LSV Wakesurfing Review WBM

Our Surf Settings
Speed: 11.0
Crew: 2
Ballast: Full Available Ballast
User Settings: Surf Gate Engaged, Power Wedge at 3