Marine Winter Fuel Management

Star brite Offers Tips For Storing Marine Fuel

Fuel in boats going into winter storage needs to be stabilized. However, in order to ensure peak performance in the spring, you need to do much more than just stabilize the fuel. In addition to preventing gum and debris formation, fuel must also be protected against moisture and octane loss. Ethanol-blended gasoline is especially susceptible to degradation because ethanol (alcohol) and gasoline cannot form a chemical bond. Within 30-45 days of blending, E10 begins to deteriorate, forming gums that cause engines to run rough or become difficult to start as the carburetors, fuel injectors, valves, rings and combustion chambers develop deposits.

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment stabilizes fuel for up to 2 years. But it does much more, actually improving fuel quality and engine performance. Star Tron’s enzymes maintain fuel chemistry in all fuels, plus they also enhance fuel combustibility, break apart and disperse gums and other debris, maintain octane levels and treat moisture in fuel without the use of alcohol or other emulsifiers.

Unlike traditional chemical-based stabilizers, Star Tron uses enzymes – reactants – that continue working until the fuel is consumed in the combustion chamber. Some traditional stabilizers may somewhat decrease fuel combustibility, causing engines to run a bit balky and smoky when they are put back in service in the spring. Star Tron’s enzymes allow more oxygen to attach to hydrocarbon molecules, resulting in a more complete burn of the fuel charge, and as a result, ensure maximum power, improved fuel economy, prevention of deposits and decreased emissions.


Debris is another issue; Star Tron’s enzymes help prevent the formation of gums and varnish while the fuel is in storage. Star Tron breaks apart gum, varnish, carbon and other debris into tiny particles so that it can be eliminated during normal operation. Because Star Tron’s enzymes are in a fuel suspension, it cannot be overdosed or in any other way cause harm to engines or fuel delivery systems.

While E10 fuel can hold some amount of water, excessive amounts can lead to phase separation. Water and ethanol form a very tight bond; if water levels exceed .5% by volume, the water and ethanol mixture drops to the bottom of the fuel tank, forming a distinct layer under the gasoline. Alcohol is an emulsifier that “clumps” water molecules together, creating larger concentrations that degrade fuel quality. Star Tron’s enzymes are de-emulsifiers, actively breaking apart clusters of water molecules so that they can be widely dispersed throughout the fuel. When these submicron-sized water particles are drawn into the fuel delivery system, they can be safely eliminated in the combustion process, instead of leading to carbon deposits as is the case with large clumps of emulsified water.

By treating your fuel with Star Tron for winter layup, your boat will be ready to go in the Spring.


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