MasterCraft NXT22

MasterCraft’s larger iteration of its original and much-lauded NXT is essentially just a bigger version of the 20 footer, which is something the company is proud of — and for good reason. The NXT line fills a sought-after niche that first-time MasterCraft buyers and seasoned boaters alike can appreciate: value-conscious quality that doesn’t short on versatility.

MasterCraft NXT22MasterCraft


MasterCraft has taken its decades of experience into consideration to produce a hull that compromises well between wake, ski and surfing. Sure, the NXT22 skews toward board sports, but you can definitely make a fun morning of free-skiing. For surfing, the boat churns larger than average waves thanks to its 4,200 pounds of dry weight and 1,200 pounds of ballast. The real standout for surfing is the NXT Surf System, a derivative of MasterCraft’s Gen 2 Surf System; it creates a solid, driving, symmetrical wave on either side. For wakeboarding, fill the ballast, set Zero Off, adjust your wake plate, and watch for progression — the NXT22 throws meaty wakes that will have you and your friends learning new tricks in no time.


MasterCraft doesn’t do low end, so the NXT22 has billet aluminum, etched logo badges, a color screen, marine-grade foam and premium puncture-resistant vinyl. The NXT rolls off the same assembly line in the same factory as the XStar and Prostar, if that gives you an idea of the craftsmanship and materials applied to this value-based boat. The NXT22 also has a hexagonal design motif that’s repeated throughout the boat to give the whole thing a cohesive feel from stem to stern, which can be lacking in other boats at this price level.

MasterCraft NXT22MasterCraft


Length: 22'
Beam: 98"
Dry Weight: 4,200 lb.
Fuel Capacity: 50 gal.
Seating Capacity: 14
Standard Ballast: 1,240 lb.
Max Ballast: 2,140 lb.
Standard Power: 5.7L 320 hp
Maximum Power: 6.2L 430 hp