MasterCraft’s New XT21 Ushers in New Era of Crossover Legacy

MasterCraft's XT21 is a versatile crossover that offers many customization options.

January 11, 2017

MasterCraft Boat Company today introduced the new XT21, an agile new mid-sized multi-purpose crossover boat. The third addition to MasterCraft’s do-everything XT crossover boat line, the 21-foot XT21 replaces the company’s legendary X10 crossover with a boat improved in every way.

Mastercraft XT21
MasterCraft XT series boats are steadily setting the industry standard in premium features and performance for all towboat activities at a more approachable price. Courtesy Mastercraft

Positioned between the new 23-foot XT23 and 20-foot XT20, the XT21 is a middleweight crossover boat that is easy to transport and operate and can accommodate a crew of 14. The all-new hull on the XT21 delivers responsive handling with minimum bow rise and improves performance in every on-water activity – from massive wakes, to endless waves and smooth skiing. Like all MasterCraft boats, the optional award-winning Gen 2 Surf System has been custom designed for the new hull to create three zones of perfectly sculpted lips and sizeable curling surf waves. The Gen 2 Surf System combined with customized hard-sided ballast tanks accommodate up to 2,500 lbs. of ballast to optimize the wake and amplify it to new levels.

The XT21 dons over a dozen of the new accouterments found on MasterCraft’s latest 2017 boats. The boat utilizes a unique new cockpit layout to comfortably accommodate up to 14 while 87 feet of capable storage space keeps the deck clear. The interior has gone through a premium styling makeover including a spacious helm with a new ergonomic captain seat, new dash, billet aluminum accents, and optional new “Cool Feel” vinyl that stays cool to the touch in direct sunlight. Owners can also opt for the premium, under seat Cordova Cooler that keeps everything and everyone chilled.


An option now found on every MasterCraft boat, the XT21 can be outfitted with the revolutionary new Dockstar Handling System, an innovative flanking rudder system that makes maneuvering in tight spots and crowded marinas a breeze. The XT21 includes a choice of easy-lifting customizable towers, either the ZFT4 or ZFT7 Power Tower, with the latter available in countless custom colors, speaker layouts and vertical storage options. Continuing the options, the exterior of the XT21 can also be completely customized thanks to a broadened palette of gel coat and flake color patterns.

The new XT21 is powered by the newest General Motors engines marinized exclusively for MasterCraft by Ilmor Marine. The XT21 comes standard with a 5.7L multi-port injection V8 engine (5000 MPI V8); for those who prefer gasoline direct injection, two new Ilmor Gen Five motor options are available, including the 5500 GDI V8 (5.3L), or the bolder 6000 GDI V8 model (6.2L).

Like all MasterCraft boats, the XT21 comes with the best warranty on the water, the five year MasterCare protection plan. Hand-built by “Master Craftsmen” in the company’s U.S.-based manufacturing facility in Vonore, TN, MasterCraft boats are constructed with quality and reliability in mind resulting in the highest resale values in the industry.

Mastercraft Xt 21 Transom
Mastercraft XT21 Transom Courtesy Mastercraft

XT21 Specifications

Length: 21′ 4″ / 6.5 M
Width Amidship: 98″ / 2.48 M
Interior Width: 81.5″ / 2.07 M
Dry Weight: 4,800 LBS / = 2177 KG Ballast Weight: 2,500 LBS / 1133 KG Fuel Capacity: 51 G / 193 L
Seating: 14 people
Storage: 87 cubic feet / 2.46 cubic meters Hull: Vector Drive
Color Options: Infinite

Completely customizable from bow-to-stern, consumers can visit to configure their own XT21 using the build-your-own-boat interface. MasterCraft dealers will begin taking orders on XT21 models immediately.


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