Mastry Repower Centers Help Boaters Go Green

Old outboards accepted on trade...running or not!
New Incentives to Buy a Four-Stroke Suzuki Outboard
Older engines – running or not – will be accepted on trade for a new, cleaner burning engine. Courtesy Mastry Engine Center

Mastry Engine Centers announced today that they have developed a program to help owners of older two-stroke outboards make the right decision to trade-up to a clean burning, smooth running, quiet Suzuki four-stroke outboard. All boaters know that older two stroke outboards create more pollution both in the water and in the air. In addition, these older two-stroke outboards are creating noise contamination. Mastry Engine Centers are now offering special incentives to encourage owners of older two-stroke outboards to “Go Green.”

“Everyone knows that dirty, decades old two-stroke outboards create a lot of pollution problems on our waterways,” offered David Taylor, Sales & Marketing, Mastry Repower, By Yanmar Mastry Engine Center.

To qualify for the incentives, owners of two-stroke outboards that were manufactured before January 1, 2000 need to trade-in their outboard(s) at one of the 10 Mastry Repower Centers across Florida before January 1, 2020. Mastry Repower will take the older two stroke outboard in on trade in any condition, running or not. This is an ideal situation for potential customers that may own a boat that they would like to use but are reluctant to spend the money on their old two-stroke. Therefore, their boat continues to just sit unused with the owner and the family unable to enjoy it.


“Like most boaters, the Mastry Repower Team is concerned about the welfare of our oceans, Intracoastal Waterway as well as the lakes and rivers we all boat on,” explained Kevin Carlan, President Yanmar Mastry Engine Center. “This incentive program gives potential buyers a special discount that they can apply when upgrading to a clean, quiet, reliable and durable Suzuki four-stroke outboard.”

After an owner trades in their older two-stroke outboards, Mastry Engine Centers will destroy the block to assure the motor cannot be put back in service.

“The Mastry Repower Team are all excited that they will be a part of cleaning up the boating environment we all enjoy,” continued Taylor. “We are also exceptionally proud to be helping boaters upgrade to Suzuki outboards, the leader in clean four-stroke technology.”


About Yanmar Mastry Engine Center
Yanmar Mastry Engine Center offers the industry’s most innovative and dependable outboard propulsion systems, Suzuki Marine Outboards. Suzuki’s dedication to creating the finest 4-stroke engine technology has made them unmatched in marine outboards. The result is the industry’s largest and most formidable all-4-stroke lineup. From the mini-might 2.5 horsepower portable right up to the new flagship V6. Add to that, Yanmar Mastry Engine Center has been supporting the marine industry for over half a century, helping boat builders, boat dealers and retail customers find the perfect engine packages designed to best fit their needs and not stretch their budget.

Mastry Suzuki Repower Centers are stationed throughout Florida assisting customers with Suzuki service and propulsion needs. Their highly experienced, factory trained technicians use only genuine Suzuki rigging, parts and controls. All installations are water-tested to be sure the motor(s) are rigged correctly, at the proper height and they are propped perfectly for superior performance. In addition, Mastry offers the option of a financing program that is not linked to your boat title.