Mercury Fury 4 Propeller Now Available

New Mercury propeller helps boats get on plane faster and improves handling in rough water.

Mercury Fury 4 Propeller
Mercury Fury 4 PropellerMercury Marine

The Mercury Marine Fury 4 propeller, which was introduced to professional bass fishermen in March at the Bassmaster Classic tournament, is now available to pleasure boaters.

The Fury 4 has four high-progressive-rake blades made of Mercury’s X7 alloy for additional lift and superior top speed on heavy, tournament-loaded bass boats. The propeller features eight PVS holes that help to get boats on plane faster and also with shallow-water launches.

Mercury says the Fury 4 also delivers stable handling and superior holding in rough water. It complements the original Fury three-blade propeller, so now there’s a Fury propeller for all single-engine performance-boat applications.

The original three-blade Fury set the speed standard for bass boats with light and medium loads, while the Fury 4 gives competitive bass anglers with tournament-loaded boats an additional 1 mph over the original — making it the fastest propeller in the world for heavy tournament-loaded bass or multispecies models. The new Fury 4 is available in 24-, 25- and 26-inch pitches in right-hand rotation. It is recommended for tournament-loaded bass boats with outboard power in excess of 200 hp.