Mercury Racing 700SCi Sterndrive Returns

The 700-hp supercharged 8.2-liter returns after a two-year hiatus.

DCB Performance Boats of El Cajon, California opted for 700 SCi power in a number of for their custom catamaran hulls.Courtesy Mercury Racing / Todd Taylor Images

Mercury Racing is set to reintroduce its 700 SCi sterndrive. The supercharged engine was launched 2006 and was a popular offering for single- and twin-engine vee bottom, catamaran and deck boat applications throughout its initial 11-year run. Although production ended at the end of 2017, demand for the 700-hp engine has never waned, according to Mercury Racing.

Designed, developed and manufactured by Mercury Racing, the supercharged engine features a CNC-machined V8, 8.2L cylinder block completed with Mercury Racing-designed and -specified hardware. The 700 SCi comes equipped with the Mercury-exclusive Propulsion Control Module (PCM) microprocessor. Combining the powerful engine management computer with a screw-type supercharger, roller camshaft, and sequential fuel injection results in impeccable idle quality, instant throttle response and unmatched performance throughout the 4800-5200 rpm engine operating range. The PCM computer also enables individual cylinder control. The ability to optimize fuel, spark timing and knock control independently for each cylinder enhances engine running quality, performance, fuel economy and durability.

Supercharger boost is variable and automatically adjusted as needed. A boost bypass control valve, electronically activated by the PCM, continuously fine tunes the amount of boost needed to provide consistent horsepower. Under optimal ambient conditions, the boost bypass control valve will open to adjust for the lower boost required to obtain 700 crankshaft horsepower. When operating in sub-optimal running conditions, the PCM closes the bypass control valve to provide active torque management throughout the engine operating rpm range and deliver the additional boost required to maintain a consistent 700 hp. The 700 SCi’s ability to provide consistent horsepower in any condition or locale eliminates the hassle of re-propping the boat to match conditions and enhances its versatility.

The 700 SCi comes standard with the Mercury Racing-exclusive NXT1 transmission and legendary M6 surface drive. The innovative transmission design features a Bravo-like cone-clutch mechanism, resulting in smooth shifting characteristics. The higher capacity M8 sterndrive is optional. Peak performance is obtained via Mercury Racing Pro Finish 5- and 6-blade CNC sterndrive Cleaver propellers. 700 SCi shipments commence in August on a build-to-order basis, and both close-couple and drive-line configurations will be available. The 700 SCi is covered by a limited one-year factory warranty.