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MC-300 Protects Against Corrosion – Rust – Water – Stains

MC-300 Miracle Protection from Rust and Corrosion!

The must have for every boater and fisherman!

MC-300 is like no other protective coating on the market! It provides a flexible, translucent waterproof coating that dries in minutes! It is non-flammable, non-conductive and safe on all surfaces!

MicroCor MC-300
MicroCor MC-300MicroCor Technologies Inc.

MC-300 is easy to apply, a 12oz can gives between 80 and 100 ft of coverage! The applications are endless! Boats, battery panels, lures, rods, patio furniture, water fountains too many to mention!

Please visit us at: microcortech.com to see us put to the test by Boating Lab plus more testimonials and information! Available at online store and Amazon!

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