Miss Donzi

The Donzi 38 ZR Competition is all about blazing speed built upon an incredible hull.

The seas in Fort Myers beach, Florida, were not exactly calm on the day of the photo shoot, but that didn't make much difference running the Donzi 38 ZR Competition. The boat's deep-v hull has two steps to help keep it at a level attitude while running in a chop at high speeds. The boat seats five people, and every passenger has a footrest and grab handle within reach of the performance-sculpted bucket seats.

Michele ran aboard a 38 ZR Competition powered by twin Mercury 700 SCi engines and hit speeds in the mid-90s without going full throttle. “Exhilarating is the best word I can think of to describe it,” Michele says. Winner of six national and three world championships and capable of exceeding 115 mph with staggered Mercury Racing 1,075 hp engines, the 38 ZR Competition has a color-changing paint scheme that morphs from orange to gold to green, depending on how the sun hits it. Says Michele: “It’s absolutely beautiful.”

Michele loved her White Sands Anne two-piece bustier in black for its feminine touches. "What I liked most about it is that it had a lingerie look," she says. Away from the camera, "Miss Donzi" enjoyed the Pink Shell Resort and the helpful staff. "They were always friendly and willing to go the extra mile. I look forward to returning!"

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