Miss MasterCraft

The MasterCraft X-55 makes a bold statement with its tournament-ready tower, kick-butt audio system and eye-grabbing graphics.

Talk about serious attitude: The MasterCraft X-55 has it in spades. "The graphics are just wild," says Deonna about the edgy look of the X-55. The four booming speakers on the zero-flex tower help pump up the volume. If you're going to be bold, you have to have the boarding chops to back it up, which the X-55 has.

The helm on this hard-core wake boat features MasterCraft’s new BIG screen, which stands for boat instrument gauge. The six-inch screen feeds the driver accurate information about speed, fuel burn, cruise settings and ballast data. With an optional tower camera, you can watch video of the action on the display.

MasterCraft says this 25-footer is its largest wake boat; the X-55’s pickle-fork bow styling helps create seating space for 18 people. And performance isn’t sacrificed by its broad-shouldered size. The modified-V hull tracks straight and throws a perfectly shaped wake. Optional surf tabs create a shreddable curly wake. With this boat’s jaw-dropping looks, everyone else on the water will be watching.

Standing out against the X-55 was easy for Deonna in her purple Seafolly shimmer ruffle slide bikini. "It made me feel so sexy and flirty," she says. "I loved it so much." Off the boat, California girl Deonna was right at home at the Pink Shell. "From the waterfalls in the pool to the tiki bar, and not to mention the beachfront view ... aww, heaven."

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