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New Outboard Jets From Honda
Honda Jet Outboard
New Honda Jet outboards are available in 105, 65 and 40 models Honda Marine

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ALPHARETTA, GA. —Boaters who want to explore the shallows now have three new engine choices from which to choose with the launch of the jet-driven Honda 40 Jet, 65 Jet and 105 Jet Honda Marine outboard motors. The new lineup of jet-propelled marine motors pairs renowned Honda powerheads with jet drives designed to provide an exceptional boating experience in ultra-shallow waters. All three new models offer the same dependable, quiet and fuel efficient operation as the Honda BF Series of propeller-driven models, with the super maneuverability and added benefits of a jet-propulsion system.

“The launch of the new Honda 40 Jet, 65 Jet and 105 Jet will power boaters to shallows where prop engines can’t go,” said Will Walton, Assistant Vice President, Honda Marine. “These engines mark Honda’s entry into a new segment of the market. The combination of powerful jet pump technology with Honda’s legendary marine powerheads gives our customers a wider choice of Honda marine outboard motors to meet all their boating needs.”

Honda Jet Outboard Range
• New Honda 40 Jet, 65 Jet and 105 Jet models expand the range of Honda outboard motors, offering boaters additional choices for more marine applications • Jet drives offer maximum flexibility in shallow waters, maneuvering around or over obstructions that would limit a prop-driven outboard • New jet drive models feature the same dependable, quiet and fuel efficient operation as the hallmark Honda prop-driven models, with the added benefit of jet propulsion • The new motors are fully covered by the industry-exclusive, transferrable Honda True 5 year non-declining warranty Honda Marine

Honda Marine outboard jet models have no gearcase or propeller extending below the hull. The low-profile foot design allows a boater to maneuver in minimal depths without the fear of getting a propeller caught or damaged on rocky, rough bottoms, shallows, underwater obstacles or other low-water conditions that would challenge a prop-driven outboard. Jet-propelled motors are well suited for recreational and commercial boaters. Anglers who want to fish the shallows and edges; recreational boaters who want to explore streams, islands and riverbanks; and crabbers and shell fishermen who work in marshes and small creeks with fluctuating tides all appreciate the attributes of jet-propelled outboard motors.

All three new Honda Marine models, the 40 Jet, 65 Jet and 105 Jet, are designed for dependability, fuel efficiency and easy operation. These jet-driven motors incorporate many of the exclusive and performance-enhancing features found on the full line of Honda BF outboards. In addition, all of the Honda jet models include overhead camshaft design; electric starting; Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Injection for quick starts; water cooled systems; and a Freshwater Flush Port. The jet models are covered by the best-in-class Honda True 5 year non-declining warranty for both powerheads and jet pumps. The transferrable warranty is the same on the last day as the first.

The Deep Down on the Very Shallow: Honda Jet Outboard Profiles


Honda 40 Jet Model (BF60J) The Honda 40 Jet outboard is built on the Honda BF60 powerhead and paired with a jet pump. This model, featuring a single overhead camshaft design, offers a package of performance features, such as Lean Burn Control™, allowing Honda engines to operate using as much as 21 percent less fuel than comparable engines. The Honda 40 Jet motor also offers: ● NMEA 2000® open architecture electronic protocol allowing the operator to see engine data on a GPS or fish finder without additional gateway devices ● Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Ignition for quick starts, instant throttle response, powerful performance and low fuel consumption ● High Output alternator for superior electrical output ● Engine Alert System that helps protect the engine by alerting the operator of conditions such as overheating, low oil pressure and over-revving ● Freshwater Flush Port for easy and quick engine flushing

Honda 65 Jet Model (BF90J) The Honda 65 Jet outboard is built on the Honda BF90 powerhead and paired with a jet pump. Like the 40 Jet, this model features a single overhead camshaft design and includes Lean Burn Control™, NMEA 2000®, Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Injection, High Output style alternator and an Engine Alert System.

The Honda 65 Jet also includes additional performance features: ● VTEC® Technology for peak engine performance at all speeds ● BLAST™ System for getting the hull on plane quickly ● Dual Stage Induction, enhancing power and efficiency through superior combustion ● 3-Way Cooling System for longer durability by keeping the engine running cooler


Honda 105 Jet Model (BF150J) Rounding out the new lineup is the largest of Honda’s jet-powered marine outboards, the Honda 105 Jet. This model, built on the Honda BF150 powerhead and paired with a jet pump, features a dual overhead camshaft design and includes Lean Burn Control™, NMEA 2000®, Multi-Port Programmed Fuel Injection, High Output automotive style alternator, Engine Alert System, VTEC® Technology, BLAST™ System, Dual Stage Induction, and the 3-Way Cooling System.

The Honda Marine 40 Jet and 65 Jet models are available at Honda Marine dealers now, with a starting U.S. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $11,360 and $13,357, respectively. The 105 Jet outboard will be available by the end of 2017 and pricing will be announced at that time.

About Honda Marine

Honda Marine, a division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., markets a complete range of marine outboard motors. Its comprehensive product line is powered exclusively by four-stroke engines. Honda pioneered four-stroke engine technology and has been designing and building four-stroke outboard engines for more than 50 years, setting the benchmark for fuel efficiency, quiet operation and low emissions. With models ranging from 2.3 to 250 horsepower, the Honda Marine full line of current production models meets the rigorous California Air Resources Board (CARB) 3-star standards, enabling availability and regulatory compliance in all 50 states.