New High-Performance V8 Outboard from Mercury Racing

The Mercury Racing 250R and 300R models debut at Lake X, of course.

The Mercury Racing 300R features a Racing-designed intake with shorter runners, more-aggressive intake camshafts, an oil cooler and a re-calibrated ECU.Courtesy Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing will produce its own version of the all-new 4.6-liter four-stroke V8 outboard just revealed by Mercury Marine. The double overhead-cam, four-valve V-8 will be also be deployed across four Mercury outboard series: Verado, FourStroke, Pro XS and Ocean Pro. The 64-degree vee block has 92mm x 86mm bore and stroke.

The Mercury Racing 250R and 300R models will replace the 3.2-liter two-stroke V-6 250XS and 300XS models in the Racing outboard line. Both models have all of the powerhead features found on standard V-8 models, and are designed to perform on 87-octane fuel; the two-stroke XS motors they replace require 91 octane gas. Each can be rigged with mechanical or DTS controls, and power steering is an option. The 250R and 300R are offered only in the 20-inch length, while a 300R HD variant is offered in 20-, 25- and 30-inch lengths. These Racing outboards also come with a three-year warranty.

The Mercury Racing 300R features a specific intake manifold with shorter runners than the standard Mercury 4.6-liter V8 models.Courtesy Mercury Racing

The Mercury Racing Verado 400R model will remain in production.

Racing 250R: This motor produces the same power as the Mercury 250 Pro XS but is equipped the Tri-ram Racing midsection with a high-durometer upper mount and solid lower mounts for enhanced handling at higher speeds, and it comes equipped with a Sport Master gearcase with a 1.75:1 gear ratio, low-water pick-ups and a crescent leading-edge design for maximized efficiency and speed. The WOT operating range is 5600-6200 rpm. MSRP is $23,870.

Racing 300R: There’s more tune-up on this motor, which features a Racing-designed intake with shorter runners, more-aggressive intake camshafts, an oil cooler and a re-calibrated ECU that takes the WOT range to 5800-6400 rpm. The standard 300R has the same Tri-ram Racing midsection and mount set-up as the 250R, but there’s also a 300R HD version with a heavy-duty midsection featuring solid upper and lower mounts, forged transom brackets with single-ram power trim and a remote trim pump designed to endure the harsh offshore environment. Select HD midsection models are equipped with an integrated rear tie-bar mounting plate for multi-engine installations. Optional side steering kits are also available for select high-performance applications. Three gearcase options are available for the Racing 300R: surface-piercing Sport Master for boats capable of speeds over 85 mph; Torque Master for partial-surfacing applications and heavier bass boats; the 5.44-inch HD gearcase for use on bay boats and multi engine performance center consoles where the application requires a more submerged gearcase. In the 20-inch length the 300R weighs 512 pounds, while the 300R HD weighs 546 pounds. Pricing ranges from $27,060 to $32,335 depending on gearcase, with a $1,430 upcharge for digital controls.