The New Snap-On Wide-Blade Screwdriver Is Perfect For Boats

This new tool is great for lower unit gearcase drain screws.

Recently Snap-on, a leader in professional hand tools, introduced a uniquely designed wide-blade screwdriver for marine use. Their model SGD155BR screwdriver is perfect for those tight gearcase drain screws found on outboard motors and stern drive units. I purchased one of these tools as soon as my Snap-on rep received them from the factory and I was impressed by the size, fit, and quality of it. Because I work in coastal areas of Florida, encountering rusted, corroded, or salt-seized fasteners is a daily occurrence. Most screwdriver bits are not wide enough or thick enough to fully engage a majority of the drain screws. This results in making the removal of stuck gearcase screws a frustrating event. It is especially aggravating when an undersized screwdriver bit keeps slipping out and damaging the groove. The large soft Snap-on Instinct® handle is comfortable on the palms and its unique tri-lobe contour permits a firm non-slip grip for twisting out reluctant screws. Even though the handle length allows for a good two-fisted grip it would still be nice to have a square or hex shaped bolster on the steel shank for attaching a wrench for even more twisting leverage. Other Snap-on screwdrivers have that bolster feature that is handy in many situations encountered on marine engines.

Measuring about 10-3/8" overall with a 0.05" thick flat blade at the end of a ½" diameter shank, this gorilla-size screwdriver is all about heavy duty construction, a blessing for us salt water mechanics. In addition the steel blade is chrome plated to minimize rust and corrosion in the marine environment

The SGD155BR screwdriver is available through Snap-on tool dealers or may be ordered online through for only $19.75. If you work with gearcase drain screws or any other type of large headed fasteners, one of these super duty wide-blade screwdrivers belongs in your tool box.