Noah's Ark Sails Again

Dutch carpenter builds Noah's Ark replica.

Two-by-two? Two-by-four might be more appropriate. As this report from the The Daily Mail states, a Dutch carpenter has built a replica of what is perhaps the world's best known ship. The builder, Johan Huibers, has even included a plastic menagerie of life-size animals and plans to tour the Ark.

From the Daily Mail article:
A Dutch creationist is putting the finishing touches on a full-size replica of Noah's Ark, which he has built according to a blueprint set out in the Bible.

Johan Huibers spent three years and more than £1.03million constructing the gigantic wooden boat - and now has his sights set on sailing it up the Thames for the Olympics.

This feat of true biblical proportions was inspired by a dream Mr. Huibers had 20 years ago, in which he saw part of his native Netherlands submerged in a flood like the one featured in the Book of Genesis.

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