Offshore Missile

Abaco Missile Lures

Price: $20 Contact: Want to hone in on billfish, tuna, and dolphin like a heat-seeking missile? Then check out Abaco Big Game Tackle's new Missile lures. These three-ouncers feature hard hand-poured heads skirted by two layers of soft plastic. They're a foot long and can be rigged with ballyhoo and trolled at slower speeds, but they offer the best action moving at a faster clip; at an 8-mph troll they look lively. The action is similar to that of the old standby Green Machine, with a darting, side-to-side swimming motion that can be increased by rigging with light leaders. The Missile is available in a huge number of color combinations, and the translucent heads have a reflective interior that throws sunlight off in all directions. The best part about the Missile, however, is that you can have daisy chains and pre-rigs custom-made.