Old Harbour Outfitters Teaser Shades

A polarized vision quest.

ZZ Top was wrong about cheap sunglasses. The boat costs thousands of dollars. The rods and reels in the hundreds. The fuel bill-let's not talk about it. With all the money being thrown around in the name of catching fish, why would an angler put himself at a disadvantage when it comes to his eyes? Old Harbor Outfitters has a new lineup of shades that should make a difference.

The Teasers are one style in the line of sunglasses designed specifically for offshore anglers. OHO uses lenses with what they call "Beneath the Surface" technology. The scratch-resistant glass or NXT (plastic) lenses are triple polarized to allow for deeper viewing below the surface, and are designed to resist fogging and water build-up. The sturdy plastic frames are supposed to resist saltwater corrosion and decomposition from sun exposure.

I tested a pair of Teasers for an entire season and their polarization passes muster. I noticed a distinct difference between wearing these and a pair of drug-store shades with spray-on polarization film. (Plus, the OHOs have ultraviolet protection you don't get in the cheapies.) I wore them on the flats and could identify cruising redfish. The only thing I didn't like was how the tight fit sometimes gave me "Shade Ache"-that throbbing behind the ears you can get from wearing glasses all day.

Price: $149. Contact: Old Harbor Outfitters, 203/540-5150, www.oldharboroutfitters.com