On Board With: Brian Scott NASCAR Driver

Brian Scott enjoys the outdoors when he's away from NASCAR.

On Board With: Brian Scott NASCAR Driver
On Board With: Brian Scott NASCAR DriverTwisted Tea

In his first season on Richard Petty's Team, driver Brian Scott has been taking on fellow NASCAR racers in his Twisted Tea Ford Fusion. But we've also seen him at the helm of a custom Twisted Tea South Bay pontoon. He's giving that one away as part of a promotion, but we caught up with him about driving boats and cars.

How did you get into racing?
When I was 11 or 12, I started racing around a local dirt track in Idaho. From there it just kind of snowballed. Eventually, I moved to North Carolina to get into NASCAR.

Did you drive boats too?
I grew up knowing how to drive a boat. My dad was a boat racer — he was a world champion jet-boat racer in 1991. We also had a summer home on Petty Lake in Idaho. We'd wakeboard and go cruising on pontoon boats. I was towing my dad while he skied when I was 10 years old.

How does the speed compare?
I'm typically going 215 to 220 mph in a NASCAR race. One of my dad's race boats went 110 mph. A NASCAR race is crazy; everybody is really close and going the same speed. It's like an orchestrated dance out there.

Do you still boat for fun?
When I'm not racing cars, I hunt, fish, ride motorcycles and drive around on boats. I do like to fish for rainbow trout and steelhead.

How do you like the Twisted Tea pontoon from South Bay?
That pontoon rips, man. It's got that big 350 hp Mercury Verado engine on the back, so it rips good.

Are you ready to hand the keys to the contest winner?
Yep, I will personally deliver it and take the winner out on its maiden voyage.