On Board With: Darcizzle

With many thousands of fans, Darcizzle is a social-media fishing star.

January 26, 2016
Say hello to Darcizzle, the social media fishing star. Darcizzle Offshore

For the generation brought up on social media, the fastest way to make a name for yourself is with a presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Case in point: Darcizzle (real name Darcie Arahill), who, as of press time, had over 60,000 followers on Instagram. We caught up with her between fishing trips.

So how did you get the nickname Darcizzle?
Good question. I was on the track team at Killian High School in the Miami/Kendall area growing up. Last time I checked, I still hold the female mile record (5:28)! So I was pretty fast and that is where the “sizzle” part comes in. Combined with Darcie, it became Darcizzle!

You started fishing at 3 years old. What are your earliest memories of catching fish?
Snorkeling for lobster and fishing for snapper in Biscayne Bay! My dad was born and raised in Miami, and my grandfather showed him all the spots to fish in Biscayne Bay. My dad started taking me out from the ramp in Homestead as early as I can remember. A lot of the memories involve breaking down in our old Gheenoe and getting stuck in massive rain and thunderstorms!


When did fishing become your main passion?
Probably four to five years ago. I always enjoyed it growing up, and then in high school my parents got divorced, so I didn’t get the chance to fish much for several years. In 2011, I moved “up north” to Lantana, Florida, and started offshore fishing every weekend. It is always such an incredible new adventure every time you go offshore, from the danger of passing through the inlet to the incredible sea life. It’s addicting — an adrenaline rush and relaxing at the same time.

How often do you get outside the inlet?
Every possible chance every weekend, weather permitting. If I am not traveling around the state shooting my YouTube show with other great captains, charters, commercial fisherman or just plain local guys, then we are fishing out of Boynton Beach Inlet. During daylight-savings time we often go before work in the morning or after work. With the Gulf Stream so close to shore here in South Florida, you can catch wahoo, sailfish, mahi — almost anything — before or after a normal 9-to-5 work day. It’s awesome and we are very lucky.

What kind of boat do you normally fish from?
Our boat is the SeaDek Proline. It’s a 23 Proline Super Sport all decked out by SeaDek, which we keep at the Palm Beach Yacht Center with a Yamaha F250 from Tuppens Marine. It’s a great all-around boat. We’d really like to get an inshore flats boat soon as well, if you know anyone (hint!).


With large audiences, you’ve become something of a fishing social-media star. Do you ever get recognized on the water?
All the time! It’s really great. The Proline has “Darcizzle Offshore” plastered across the side, so you really can’t miss me. I’ve competed in most of the local fishing tournaments, some of them a couple of times, so all the guys know me that way as well, and we are always out. I get recognized a bit less in the Keys or on the west coast, but I’m just so thankful for my followers and fans. Thank you! It’s really something I’m just now adjusting to. Especially at events, like boat shows or ICAST, it can be a bit overwhelming … I mean, I’m just a girl that likes to fish, really. The best time so far was when I was at a big fancy dinner with one of my very best sponsors after ICAST, and our waiter at a restaurant in Orlando said he followed me on Instagram!

What is the main message you try to send to your audience?
My main message is that kids in general, and especially girls, really need to be out there fishing at an early age, as early as possible. I really believe that being outdoors, boating, fishing and doing stuff, builds self-esteem, confidence and maturity. I do not want young ladies to be hesitant to fish and get their hands dirty for fear of some boy’s comment in high school or on social media, so I try and lead mostly by example. This will make them into strong, independent women. I also post a lot of pictures of kids fishing that my fans send me on Twitter and Facebook. We have also committed to taking a veteran fishing in the near future as soon as we can get it scheduled and the weather breaks.

What is your ideal day on the water?
My ideal day of fishing would be sleeping in and getting to the boat and the baitwell is already totally blacked out with live goggle-eyes and big pilchards! I have to get up way too early every weekend, and I am really not a morning person. After that we do some kite-fishing and catch a wahoo, a sailfish and a mahi, and head in for some Starbucks iced coffee, and someone else cleans the boat!


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