On Board With: Edwin Evers

Learning what it's like to be a professional fisherman from Edwin Evers.

June 12, 2017
On Board With: Edwin Evers
On Board With: Edwin Evers Edwin Evers

Edwin Evers is an 11-time B.A.S.S. winner, including the 2016 Geico Bassmaster Classic by GoPro Winner. He has won $2.9 million during his 17-year career. We caught up with this champion angler just before his tournament touring for 2017 began.

Where’s home for you?
Talala, Oklahoma. I was born in Missouri and have also lived in Texas and Illinois.

Was winning the 2016 Bassmaster Classic your biggest achievement?
It was the pinnacle of my career.


What’s the hardest part of being a pro angler?
The constant travel forces me to be away from my family.

We hear that you’re a pecan farmer. Is this true?
I love being busy and being outdoors, and raising my son in the outdoors and to have a good work ethic.

What was the biggest fish you ever caught?
It was a shark — in a 14-foot boat.


How long have you been a professional fisherman?
Since 2000.

If you had just three lures to fish bass with, what would they be?
A ½-ounce jig in bluegill, crawdad, or shad pattern; a square-billed crankbait like a Megabass; a chartreuse and white spinnerbait, on which I’ve probably caught more bass than anything.

Spinning versus conventional?
A baitcaster handles bigger lines and lures more easily. I generally use 25-pound mono or 65-pound braid, a 7-foot medium-heavy CarbonLite rod and a Bass Pro Shops Titanium reel.


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