Pavati AL-24 Wakesurf Review

Check out what we found when we wakesurfed behind the Pavati AL-24!

February 20, 2016

Pavati’s AL-24 is the company’s first foray into the wakesurf market, and it comes with some impressive features that could surprise you. First off, you might have noticed the standout ballast numbers.

This all-aluminum boat is lighter than some of its fiberglass competitors, so it takes more to weigh it down. Pavati got some serious ballast numbers in this new boat. The ballast is subfloor, so you don’t trip over bags all the time or sacrifice any storage. Getting 5,000 pounds of weight into a boat is not quick or easy, but Pavati uses a gravity-fed system that opens gates to flood the hull below your feet and double the dry weight within a few minutes. When the ballast is done loading up this all-aluminum hull, put the displacement to work with the Rip TideTM surf system, a proprietary wave-maker that keeps the boat evenly weighted and produces a wave by extending a blade down and out from the side of the stern.

The wave is steeper than you’d think for a boat this length, but it has a clean face and more push than some other surf systems. In other words, what you sacrifice in pocket length, you make up for in push and vertical face. The Rip TideTM system switches incredibly fast, so your transfers are limited only to your coordination with the driver.


Top-Notch Trait: Punctuating the differences on this innovative new aluminum boat, the AL-24 sports a high-end, 12-inch Garmin touch screen that was originally designed to be a chart plotter in yachts. The screen links up to Pavati’s tower-mounted action camera so you can record your runs into storage or directly on your phone. The system also links with your smartphone so you can control the touch screen elements from afar.

Stat: Pavati uses thick gauges of aluminum on the AL-24—over an inch thick on some parts, and at least one-quarter inch thick on everything—which make it more akin to tough offshore fishing and rescue boats than anything else on the wake market. Why do this? Durability. Their marketing videos show the AL-24 pushing through deadheads and running up on rocky shores without punching holes in the hull.

Length 24’8”
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 4,200 lb.
Fuel Capacity 65 gal.
Seating Capacity 18
Standard Ballast 4,200 lb.
Max Factory Ballast 5,000 lb.
Standard Power 400 ft-lb.
Maximum Power 575 ft-lb.

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