Pettit Black Widow Testing and Evaluation Part Three

Filliing with Pettit EZ-Fair Epoxy

In part two, we stripped the boat bottom in preparation for applying Black Widow. That process revealed some small blisters and imperfections in the boat’s bottom.

Applying Epoxy Filler
Filling imperfections with a two-part epoxy compound. Kevin Falvey
Applying Epoxy Filler Again

Modified Putty Knife

The putty knife has had its edge sharpened to knife -like bevel. Also, the author rounded the corners of the blade using a file. Kevin Falvey
Applying Epoxy Filler Three
Scrape off as much excess as possible when using epoxy fillers. Once cured, they are very hard to sand. Fastidiousness in application will be time well spent. Kevin Falvey

These kinds of imperfections can be easily filled using a product such as Pettit EZ-Fair Its simple to mix parts A and B right on site.

For application, use either a plastic spreader or, our favorite, a modified putty knife. The putty knife (‘”scraper,” to some) has been customized. Its edge has been sharpened to a knife-like bevel so it deposits and removes material cleanly. And its corners have been rounded with a file to help avoid scratching and gouging. Combined with its flexibility, it makes a great tool for this kind of work.

Pettit EZ-Fair
Pettit EZ-Fair Courtesy Pettit Paint

In part four, we’ll be priming the boat bottom with Pettit H2 Prime, a water-based epoxy primer.

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