Pettit EZTex Marine Epoxy Repair Compound

I used Pettit EXTex Marine Epoxy Repair compound to fill two crew holes in the transom of a boat to which a new transducer was being installed. The new 'ducer;s bracket did not match up with all of the previous screw holes and I needed a tough, watertight fix. My methodology for effecting such a repair includes drilling the existing hole out to four times the diameter needed After the 'pox cures, I drill for the new fastener and reinstall whatever it is that needs fastening.

Pettit EZTex Marine Epoxy Repair CompoundPettit Paint

In this case, I drilled out the two number 10 screw holes using a ½-inch bit and and filled them using Pettit EZTex. EZtex is a two-part product that is easy to mix since it blends at a1:1 ratio of epoxy to hardener. Other products mix at 3: 1 or 5: 1, and so are tough to mix accurately by the eyeball method in the field, and may fail more often as a result.

EzTex also cures without shrinking, meaning I had only to fill the holes once and scrape off the excess before cure as opposed to multiple fillings and time spent flattening an overfilled repair prior to refastening. EZTex is white, is paintable and can be used with fiberglass,metal or wood. It cures in 24 hours at 50-degrees, and is said to cure in5 hours at 70 degrees F and 3.5 hours at 90 degrees. The owner reports no leaks from the transducer we installed. $26.99( 4-oz)