Plan for Fishing

Use these tools to find when fish will be most active.

There are times each day, even during autumn’s bounty, when fish will be most active. When are those times? These services, one high-tech, the other no-tech, aim to tell you.

DataSport FishCast Smartphone App
Type: High-tech. Requires an iPhone, iTouch or Android smartphone.

What You Get: Select a date, and a graph representing the best times to fish on the given day is presented on the screen. Also includes moon phase.

Price: $4.99; search "datasport" in the iTunes app store or Android Market.

Knight's Solunar Tables
Type: No-tech (though a flashlight may be required at night).

What You Get: A pocket-size booklet that gives you a whole year's worth of best fishing times at a glance.

Price: $6.95;