Polarized Sunglasses Comparison

Three pairs of polarized sunglasses suited for boating and water sports.

If there’s one item of gear boaters use the most, and also lose the most, it’s polarized sunglasses. On the theory that there’s always some boater somewhere who needs a pair, here are three brands to consider.

Maui Jim Chee Hoo!
Maui Jim Chee Hoo! Maui Jim

Maui Jim – Chee Hoo!
Stormy Grey Frame with Polarized Blue Hawaii Lens

The Clear: First word: luxury. Second word: comfort. These sunglasses are everything you’d expect from a brand like Maui Jim. Quality-built for a symmetrical, secure and sturdy fit, the Chee Hoo! frames rest on the face perfectly. And because of the lightweight materials used in both the frames and lenses, sunrise-to-sunset comfort will be yours.


The Cloudy: Designed as a medium-to-large fit, these frames may feel oversize (particularly the long arms) on a smaller-headed individual.

Serengeti Carlo Large
Serengeti Carlo Large Serengeti

Serengeti – Carlo Large
Tortoise Frame with Polarized Drivers Lens


The Clear: Function meets fashion with these Serengeti sunglasses. The handcrafted, tortoise-style acetate frames with metal details will have you feeling like a million bucks. But the Carlo Large is not all about looks. The high-end lenses keep the eyes relaxed and unstrained for all-day protection even in the brightest sun.

The Cloudy: These shades have a tighter, more secure fit, which obviously has its advantages but may cause some head tension after long wear.

Bollé Boxton
Bollé Boxton Bollé

Bollé – Boxton
Rubber Black Frame with Polarized TNS Oleo AR Lens

The Clear: Grimy fingers? Not a problem for these lenses, which are equipped with an oleo­phobic treatment. Sweaty face? These glasses aren’t going anywhere thanks to the grippy nosepiece and all-around rubber frame. These are the ultimate no-fuss sunnies, and all the better, they look really good on almost anyone with their neo-classic, super-hip style.

The Cloudy: The lenses sit close to the face, so if you’re blessed with long eyelashes, these might not be the shades for you.