Premier Invents Self-Retracting Ladder

Revolutionary Ricochet Ladder self-retracts to make boating safer.

Pontoon manufacturer Premier Marine has announced the introduction of their newest innovation, the Ricochet self-retracting ladder.

“This ladder is one of Premier’s proudest accomplishments,” says Dave Grovender, Product Development Manager at Premier. “Our ladder truly solves a real inconvenience when spending time with family and friends on the water. The mechanical design is so simple, yet so effective.”

While the boat is in motion, the patent pending Ricochet Ladder System’s gas springs automatically pull the ladder to a safe, retracted position without input from anyone on the boat; no more forgetting to retract your ladder. The Ricochet is among three new revolutionary features that Premier introduced in its 2016 models. Other innovations include the first triple engines and the first 42-inch PTX™ package—both found on the new Dodici model.

“Innovation has always been woven into our fabric here at Premier,” says Lori Melbostad, President of Premier. “We’re not looking to reinvent the way boaters enjoy the water. We’re just hoping to make it a little easier—and a little more fun.”