Protecting Bilge Wiring From Corrosion

A spray coating can protect your connections below the waterline.

Received a question from a reader the other day regarding wiring connections found in the bilge area of their new boat. Simple question, how do I minimize the risk of the wiring connections shown in the photo I sent in to you from getting all corroded over time? The stud you see is a keel bolt on my boat, so the wiring is sitting in the bilge.

Bilge wiring such as you see here is vulnerable to corrosion.

This is a good question and one we receive fairly often. I've tried a lot of products over the years to help minimize corrosion on electrical connections on my various boats. Without a doubt my favorite is Boeshield T-9 (Buy now on All of my exposed bus bars, terminal strips and stud terminations such as the ones shown above get a spray of Boeshield. I like it because it dries to a non-greasy coating that is transparent. That way when and if corrosion does eventually begin to for on the connections I'll be able to see it and deal with it before it becomes any problem. Boeshield is an aerosol and is available at just about all marine supply stores. Get a can and keep it on board. Its really a great product in my opinion.