Regal 2300 RX Wakesurf Review

We checked out the Regal 2300 RX Surf boat to test out, see what we thought.

The Regal 2300 RX Surf is a Forward Drive that’s going to surprise you. More than any of the other sterndrives in this roundup, the 2300 RX Surf has a hull bottom and surf system tailored to wakesurfing, and it shows through in the undeniable wave performance.

In terms of both drive and shape, the Regal was capable of more than we thought possible in a sterndrive — it even creeps into inboard V-drive territory for wave quality. The wave is perfectly clean and has a very approachable shape that both skim- and surf-style riders will appreciate. The pocket is medium-big and has plenty of drive. The face transitions smoothly from a relatively flat trough without too much of a nose-catching divot to a more vertical face fully capable of launching airs and lip tricks just like the major players.

The surf system is proprietary to Regal, and it’s well-executed both at the dash in the RegalVue screen and behind the boat with effective tabs. A downside: The system transfers slowly compared with an inboard, so while you can go from side to side while riding, you need to have better-than-average timing to pull it off.


The system has presets to make a wave on one side or the other, which makes the process mercifully simple for the driver, but there’s no way to tweak the wave other than with the Forward Drive trim. The Forward Drive system is like one big trim tab in its own right. The entire lower unit tilts up or down depending on the conditions, speed and desired running attitude. For surfing, it allows the boat to change its pitch and affect the wave’s characteristics, effectively lengthening and flattening or steepening and shortening the wave.

Top-Notch Trait: Regal’s 2300 RX Surf uses its own surf system and is controlled by RegalVue, a digital screen at the dash that has a simple interface. When the driver selects a surf side within the digital screen, one of the boat’s brake lights automatically flashes to indicate which side the wave will develop on.

Stat: Regal has been building watersports tow boats since 1969 and is one of the biggest boatbuilders in the world. They went from a 14-foot ski boat almost 50 years ago to making one of the best Forward Drive surf boats on the market in 2016 with its own proprietary surf system and digital screen.

Length 24’
Beam 102”
Dry Weight 4,280 lb.
Fuel Capacity 56 gal.
Seating Capacity 12
Standard Ballast 1,500 lb.
Max Factory Ballast 1,500 lb.
Standard Power 300 hp
Maximum Power 300 hp

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