Scarab 255 Impulse Wake Edition

Scarab's 255 Impulse Wake Edition marries technology with performance to offer remarkably surfable wakes.

LOA: 25'0"
Beam: 8'4"
Dry Weight: 3,660 lb.
Seating/Weight Capacity: 13/2,100 lb.
Fuel Capacity: 56 gal. More Information:
Scarab Boats
Scarab 255 Impulse Wake EditionScarab Boats
Scarab 255 Impulse Wake EditionScarab Boats
Scarab 255 Impulse Wake EditionScarab Boats
Scarab 255 Impulse Wake EditionScarab Boats
Scarab 255 Impulse Wake EditionScarab Boats
Scarab 255 Impulse Wake EditionScarab Boats

There’s a heads-up display on the 255 Impulse that sets the expectations high for technological advancement, performance and, well, just being cool. The Scarab 255 Impulse Wake Edition also produced a remarkably surfable wake during testing.

The heads-up display gives touch control to systems, stereo and more, and is used to program rider profiles for wakeboarding or surfing. Throttle control is enhanced by an industry-first intelligent throttle-and-shift system in a boat — bump up the throttle settings or drop them back at the tap of a button. This makes it easy to customize the amount of touch adjustment you want from approximately 1 millimeter of throttle travel to about 15 millimeters. Five millimeters of travel translates approximately to a 1 mph adjustment.

Jet pumps push this boat forward, and crew and ballast drive it down, making a sizable hole in the water that pushes up a big wake as the water returns to fill it. There are no props to worry about; Rotax jet-pump impellers are internal and shielded from contact. That’s also reassuring for when swimmers hang out off the broad transom platform, reboard on the ladder, or get a toehold on the SeaDek mat to dive overboard for a swim.

A central transom walkway provides a convenient path to the cockpit that can be shaded with a fixed Bimini top under the wakeboard arch. Inside the cockpit, seating for a huge crew of 13 is available on port and starboard L-shaped lounges. If you need more seating on the transom and less in the cockpit, flip the seat backs forward and the swim-deck seating opens up for casual reclining while at anchor. The Scarab’s upholstery is sports-car firm with enough flex to soften bumpy water but enough resilience to be imminently comfortable. Forward seating offers sporty comfort for four or more passengers, and the crew will be pleased with the changing room.

With its high-tech heads-up touch-screen display, intelligent throttle-and-shift, radical acceleration of Rotax power, hull perfectly shaped for beautiful green-room wakes, and ballast to anchor the fun, this boat is a winner.

High Points
*Racy bow shape emulates the leading edge of a top-quality wakeboard, not an obsolete relish utensil.
*Wakeboard tower has an aggressive angular shape.
*There is plenty of deck space, thanks to the cockpit-forward design that keeps the beam wide to the bow.
*State-of-the-art stereo ­system with Bluetooth connectivity provides entertainment

How We Tested
Engine: 250 hp Twin Rotax water jets
Impeller: Stainless steel
Fuel Load: 20 gal.
Crew Weight: 550 lb.

$77,216 (as tested, including trailer)

Scarab Boats Cadillac, Michigan; 231-775-1351;