School Of Hard Knocks

Where Boaters Learn From Boaters

School of Hard Knocks

School of Hard Knocks

Boaters learn from the mistakes of fellow boaters at School of Hard Knocks.

There’s a barge full of proverbs stating words to the effect that, “ those who haven’t made mistakes haven’t learned much.”

Of course we have all made mistakes. And hopefully we have learned from them.

School of Hard Knocks is your place to share your boating mistakes with your fellow boaters so that we may all learn something. We'd like to hear your first hand accounts of mistakes or mishaps that led to an accident or came close to causing injury or damage. Make sure you specify your mistake and spell out what you'd do differently in the same situation today. We're hoping that sharing these experiences will help other boaters avoid the same mistakes and therefore increase boating safety for all of us.

If School of Hard Knocks can prevent just one boating accident, it’s worth it.

Send your first person accounts, including what went wrong, what you’d do differently, any supporting photos or sketches, your name, and your city, to