Sea-Doo Revamps Hull And Deck of 2018 GTX/RXT Line

Storage, Modular Accessory System And Bluetooth Audio Option Added
Sea-Doo Wakepro 230 Rear
New Hull And Deck Design The shared GTX/RXT hull and deck platform have both been refashioned for ’18, with the hull promising to not only be fun to ride but also simply “hang out on.” Sea-Doo claims the deep-V hull will set new industry standards for stability — both at rest and high speed — as well as rough-water handling. Offshore performance is also said to be superior. As to the deck above, it evokes the current Sea-Doo style but with a noticeably lower profile and “reconfigurable” rear seat; the aft portion can be removed to reveal a large, flat deck area that is ideal for everything from deep-water boarding to a picnic lunch at rest. Sea Doo
Sea Doo Storage
Easy-Access Storage Part of that low-slung deck design includes an all new take on storage access. Rather than the standard bow tub design common across all personal watercraft models, a design which forces riders to stretch out and over the handlebars and balance precariously atop the craft should they want to access items while out on the water, the new “direct access front storage” design positions items within arm’s reach. The entire front console and handlebars open directly in front of the driver for easy access. Included in the storage space is a designated compartment for a shockproof, watertight phone box Sea Doo
Sea Doo Fuel Caddy
Modular Aft Platform Design The aft platform reveals Sea-Doo’s LinQ Attachment System, a “quick-attach” system that allows owners to add accessories of their choosing to the aft deck. Current options include a cooler, fuel caddy and retractable ski pylon. Aftermarket manufacturers are almost certain to increase the offerings. Sea Doo
Sea Doo Bluetooth
Bluetooth Audio System Available as an option, BRP Audio Premium is a factory-installed Bluetooth sound system that the company claims will be truly waterproof. Speakers are located forward of the footwells and pointed toward the driver for best sound quality. Sea Doo