Sea Ray Debuts 400 Sundancer at FLIBS 2015

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Official Introduction

Sea Ray just unveiled a brand new 400 Sundancer here at the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat show.

Sea Ray Belowdecks Accomodaton Plan
Courtesy Sea Ray

Right now, I'm in the salon, looking out over a sea of heads waiting to get their turn aboard this new Sea Ray. Its easy to see the throng of waiting boat buyers, because of the huge windows. I can imagine the sun flooding in through them, and though we are docked, as I move to the helm, I can SEE that visibility from the wheel is pretty darn good.

Sea Ray Accomodaton Plan
Courtesy Sea Ray

Earlier, I was belowdecks, making calls, using one of the two staterooms as a makeshift office.

Yeah... it'll do. It'll do.

Learn more about the 2016 Sea Ray 400 Sundancer and look for Boating's test of the boat coming soon.