Seriously Ice Cold Cups

The SIC Cups will keep your beverages at the proper temperature.

Seriously Ice Cold Cups
Seriously Ice Cold CupsSIC Cups

It’s hot, there’s no wind, and you’re sucked dry. You’re dying for something cold, something wet, and a lot of it. If that’s where you’re at, we found an insulated sippy cup that does the job. It’s the 30-ounce Seriously Ice Cold double-wall-insulated, 18-8 stainless-steel cup from SIC Cups.

We put them to the test: room-temperature water, a bunch of cubes in one, boiling hot water in the other. The results were nearly as good as the hype. Hot didn't quite make eight hours, but cold was right on target. They're available in a variety of colors with a splashproof lid. $34.99;