Seven Marine’s 627 hp Firebreather

Raising the Outboard Ante

Seven Marine 627

Seven Marine, already manufacturing the industry's biggest outboard, the Seven Marine 557, increased its advantage over the competition with its new 627, which was also introduced at the Miami Boat Show. In addition to being the biggest outboard, the 627 also comes with a new SpectraBlade cowl with Integrated Illumination, bringing color LED lighting to the cowl exterior with patent-pending engineering.

The new engine is targeted at center-console boats longer than 42 feet. Using the same foundation based on GM’s LSA 6.2-liter supercharged block as the Seven Marine 557, Seven Marine developed what it calls a High-Turbulence Combustion Chamber to consistently make horsepower and torque through the operating range.

According to the manufacturer, each 627 combustion chamber is precision- machined to create a unique combustion event that increases horsepower and delivers more than 600 foot-pounds of torque from 3,000 rpm through the power curve. Horsepower is increased through the rpm range, boosting acceleration and improving top speed potential. Seven has also developed a proprietary ECM calibration to optimize top speed and midrange fuel economy. The rated speed of the 627 is 5,500 rpm, 100 rpm higher than the 557, which will assist in propeller selection. Fuel requirements for the 627 remain at a minimum of 89 octane plus 10 percent ethanol.