Six Hot New Tow Boats

New ski, wakeboard and wake surf boats making their debut this fall.

2013 Tow Boat Roundup

Centurion Boats

New Tow Boats at the 2012 Surf Expo:

It was a big year for new Tow Boats at the recent Surf Expo in Orlando. The trade show is held in Orlando each September and manufacturers display their new boats, boards and water skis for the upcoming year. There was plenty to see at MasterCraft, Supra, Moomba, Centurion, Tige. Malibu and Nautique. The focus of the design efforts went for v-drive boats for wakeboarding and wake surfing.

Here are some of the exciting highlights for tow boats for the 2013 model year.


MasterCraft X10

With a 21’ length, this v-drive inboard is perfect for wakeboarders who ride in smaller groups. Smaller than MasterCrafts flagship boat, the X Star, the X 10 is more manageable not only at the wheel for the driver but also for trailering and storage.

MasterCraft is the innovator of the now very common pickle fork (twin peak) bow design; however, the X 10 breaks with tradition by featuring a pointy bow.


Supra SA 550

** **This 22 ½ foot long v-drive does not feature an overly deep hull and that helps to give this tow boat a sleek profile.

The Ferrari like bow adds to the attractive lines of the SA 550. This length comes in a variety of models based on engine horsepower. The SA 550 features a 6.2L inboard that pumps out 550 horsepower.


In the past gel coat colors and graphics have been on conservative side for Surpa, however, the SA 550 features a very attractive metal flake gel coat color with an intricate design that adds perfectly to this attractive boat.

Centurion FX 22

Centurion v-drive tow sport boats typically offer plenty of hull deadrise and so does the new FX 22.


This 22’ long boat does not feature an overly deep hull like the Centurion Enzo 230 and that gives the FX 22 a sleek profile. However, the wide bow design, similar to a deck boat, provides buckets of passenger space.

The hull characteristics create big wakes for wakeboarding and wake surfing. Centurion, the pioneer of the sport of wake surfing even includes a pylon at the transom to accommodate perfectly the wake surfer.

Tige Z3

This 23 foot long with 8 ½ beam v-drive boat balances plenty of space while still nimble to handle at the wheel. It has seating with its wraparound cabin seating for 16.

The Z3 is known for excellent wakeboard and wake surf wake. Plenty of hull deadrise creates the big wake that ideal for wake surfing on either the driver’s side or passenger’s side.

Malibu Wakesetter 24 MXZ

This 24 ½ foot long with 8 ½ foot beam v-drive is built for building big wakes. Besides its 4800 boat weight, the Wakesetter 24 MXZ features 1450 pound below floor tank style ballast. In addition, drop the Wedge, a foil that attaches to the hull and the wake keeps getting bigger.

New for wake surfers this year, Malibu features the Surf Gate as an option. A gate is attached to the transom of each side of the boat. By adjusting the direction of the gate from the helm, you can customize a great wake surf wake on either the driver’s side or passenger’s side.

Nautique G25

The second in the G series for Nautique, the G25 is pure and simple a top performing tow sport boat that offers an abundance of space for friends and family who love to wakeboard, wake surf and water ski.

This 25 foot long with 8 ½ foot beam boat features enough space with its huge bow section to fit 19.

A deep hull design creates a ton of space for storage and for the hard tank ballast below floor that adds up to 2800 lbs to the equation to make the wakes perfect for wakeboarding or wake surfing.