Malibu Sunsetter LXI

June 14, 2001
Waterski Waterski

Nearing Perfection
A serious water-sports boat with no limitations.
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Waterski Waterski

WSM: What is this boat for?
Malibu: We built it as a water-sports boat first, but wanted to make it totally roomy and plush for a family. We call it a family performance class. This was our flagship boat last year and was the number-one-selling open bow in the industry. It?s got a 93.5-inch beam, and it?s 21 feet, 8 inches long, but the wetted surface is barely over 20 feet so it is efficient. Last year, it outran most of the closed-bow boats in the test. It was the largest boat approved by USA Water Ski. Slalom-wise, it is incredible and it?s also a lot more than just a capable wakeboarding boat. It is good for the advanced to pro rider. With the Malibu Launch System and a Wedge, it is fantastic. Here?s the one boat in our lineup we would dare say is about as perfect of a boat as you can get in performance, on size standards and storage. It is our number-one-selling boat and everyone reacted to it.


How does this differ from the Response?
The LXI is a foot and a half longer with three inches more beam. This boat is deeper for a family. It is similar in hull design; both are based on the Diamond hull. This is a walkthrough bow and the Response is a walk-over. Cabin and bow areas are bigger in the Sunsetter. Both share all the same performance-enhancing materials of the IRT system ? our Instant Response Technology, which includes the rack-and-pinion steering, zero-friction cables and all the custom underwater gear. This boat has the largest trunk in its class ? it?s huge and is accessible from the platform.

What unique innovations does it have?
When you put as much power as we do, 325 hp with the Monsoon, 365 on a Hammerhead and 375 with the Corvette, vibration could be a concern. With our FibECS system, the engine is through-bolted to the stringers, dispersing the load over a greater area so you get less vibration. The Diamond hull in itself is a huge innovation. Malibu is the first to have venturi speedometer pickups.
Malibu was also the first to have the Vortec engine, the Monsoon, and then we went and did the intake manifold. Malibu was the first with servo gauges and then we went to 5-inch gauges. Our MSCAN gauge is going to be a cool thing for a lot of people. People like the safety features of the speed control, depth control, air/water temp, stopwatch, fuel flow consumption … that was also developed by Malibu and our engineers. We believe you can never do it good enough. Our philosophy is the product we outdate should still be better than the ones others are introducing.

Super Specs
Length: 21 ft. 8 in.
Beam: 93.5 in.
Fuel capacity: 35 gal.
Seating capacity: 9
Test prop: 13×13 CVP stainless
Test engine: Indmar Monsoon 325 EFI/MPI
Base price: See Local Dealer


On the Water
Top speed 45.6 mph 4,750 rpm
Accel to 22 4.17 sec.
Accel to 36 7.46 sec.
Accel to 30 to 36 3.25 sec.
Noise levels (db)
Idle 57 D 55 R
22 mph 69 D 74 R
36 mph 73 D 84 R

For the family who wants a boat with some size and functionality as well as near world-class slalom wakes, then the Sunsetter LXI has got you covered. Free skiing is a given behind this boat, but it also handles the slalom course like a stud offering excellent tracking and handling ability. Slalom skiers of all abilities will love this boat.

This is the boat where the Wedge shines the most. Since it has the size to be a real wakeboarding boat but the hull of a true slalom contender, the Wedge immediately takes wakes that barely disturb the fishermen on the lake to ones you really want to ride behind. Yes, they are a little peaky and best for spinners or riders who come in a little more flat, but you?ll have legitimate fun riding. Add some weight and you can step it up to solid advanced fun.


Chill Factor
Once again, the LXI is at the top in regards to offering near world-class performing wakes to skiers and riders alike. With a seating capacity of nine people and the boat?s overall chill factor being extremely high because of the comfort, the LXI is a gem.

It?s rare you can spend a day in a boat and not wish something were different, but the Sunsetter LXI does, in fact, approach perfection. This is a boat with space, luxury and performance. Look at details like the new low profile dash or the serged, non-fray carpeting, and you can bask in the LXI?s extravagance. Jump out behind the boat and you can log a P.B. on the world-class wakes. Available with a pro rider?s package, which includes the Malibu Launch System that pumps 500 pounds of ballast, a Wedge, tower and jump seats and you?ll have outstanding wakeboarding, too. It goes without saying that the boat drives as well as anything on the water, and with the engine options it can blow the doors off almost anything. So if you have a skier, a rider, a performance junkie and a status-seeker all in the same family, this is your boat.

Contact Information
1 Malibu Ct.
Merced, CA 95340-6432
Phone: 209-383-7469
Fax: 209-383-0499
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