MasterCraft Prostar 209

June 14, 2001
Waterski Waterski

The Boat proves that size does matter.
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Waterski Waterski

WSM: Why should someone buy this?
MasterCraft: It?s the largest open bow direct-drive in its class. It?s 96 inches wide, so it is really huge on the inside. It?s roomy around the motor box and it has a spacious open bow. It?s about as big as you can get with a direct-drive boat and it still skis great because it is a direct-drive. So, it?s ideal for the family who wants the performance of a traditional ski boat but also wants something bigger. It has a deeper vee than our traditional 190 ski boat, so it?s going to ride better in rough water. It?s not a traditional slalom boat with perfect wakes for the course, but it is a good combination for just about everything.
Are there any innovations on this boat?
This boat features some items we?ve worked throughout much of the line. Of course, it has all the newest construction technologies, like the full-molded fiberglass liner, new gelcoats and rack-and-pinion steering. And the fuel tank has an integrated fuel pump inside of it, so we push fuel to the engine instead of pulling it. We?ve done that by going to a lower-profile tank. This boat has the new angled transom and an integrated transom platform bracket which sits horizontally instead of vertically, giving it twice the strength. The sundeck is a new feature ? it?s a removable rear bench that sits on top of the armrests level with the rear hatch to create a full-sized sunpad. We have a Masterview driver seat, which is a flip-up bolster seat that raises the driver six inches.
What aspects of this boat are you as a manufacturer most proud of?
Probably the overall design of the boat. From a slalom perspective we made a bigger boat without really making a bigger hull. From a wakeboard perspective it has a slightly deeper vee so the boat will settle in the water and make a better wake. For even better wakeboarding, we offer the same hull in the X-9 with a ballast system under the rear seat and in the ski locker. We tried to flare out the hull sides a lot while keeping the running surface narrow so you have a small, narrow slalom wake. We didn?t want to make a bigger boat overall because it would ruin the performance. You also have a beveled transom. This is unmistakably a MasterCraft.
Super Specs
Length 20 ft. 11.5 in.
Beam: 96 in.
Fuel capacity: 35 gal.
Seating capacity: 12
Test prop: 13 in. OJ 4-blade
Test engine: Indmar TBI 5.7L EFI Predator
Base price $36,300
On the Water
Top speed 43.5 mph, 4,900 rpm
Accel. to 22 5.02 sec.
Accel. to 36 7.62 sec.
Accel. to 30 to 36 3.60 sec.
Noise levels (db)
Idle 59 D, 61 R
22 mph 79 D, 85 R
36 mph 89 D, 95 R


For a larger boat, we were impressed with the wake characteristics. The driving is also outstanding ? its tracking ability is impressive. It excels in the 28 off and shorter range but is good throughout the long-lines as well. It?s a great fit for the family who likes to relax in the boat as much as they ski yet not forfeit performance.
When weighted, this boat is a hair shy of achieving true pro wakes. The large trunk with its unique split-opening hatch is plenty large for a full sac and one also fits nicely under the rear seat in sundeck mode. The forward ski locker is another option for adding yet a third sac to get this boat?s wakes as good as any rider could ask for.
Chill Factor
This is one direct-drive where the engine box doesn?t seem to be in the way. There?s so much room around the sides that the boat has a surprisingly spacious feel given its performance. The interior seating is soft and easy on the body and the ergonomics are outstanding. The 209 has tons of storage capacity ? easily handling plenty of equipment from everybody in the family.
This remarkable boat combines size, skiability and wakeboard performance like no other. Its performance in the course was unsurpassed for a boat this wide. Sharing the same hull as the wakeboarding X-9, the wakes achieve ideal shape when weighted. Its interior is beautiful and comfortable ? the cockpit is extraordinarily roomy. For the driver, everything is right at your fingertips. Good tracking and stability, great visibility and unsurpassed storage combine to make this a near-perfect family ski boat.

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