MasterCraft X10

June 14, 2001
Waterski Waterski

Wake Perfection
Who could ask for anything more?
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Waterski Waterski

WSM: Where does this boat fit in your line?
MasterCraft: The X-10 is perfect for the family that wants a nice roomy boat that?s great for riding. Dad doesn?t want to get an X-Star because he?s looking for something to ride better in rough water and use as a family runabout. This is essentially a MariStar with the deep wraparound seating and the higher freeboard, but it has the X-line graphics, a stereo, tower and triple KGB ballast system ? a three-point ballast system. One bag in the forward ski locker holds about 400 pounds to keep the bow down. The water is automatically pumped in from a pump in the back. Then you have two saddle tanks on each side of the engine that hold about 200 pounds each, but they don?t take up all the storage space. It?s the same system as in the X-Star, but you can carry more people and gear in this boat than the X-Star so we think it is a little more versatile. It is two feet shorter and three inches narrower than the X-30, so it handles a little better in tighter places.


How is this boat built to hold up to the rigors of wakeboarding?
The hull, deck, stringers, engine mounts and everything else are all structurally identical to all the MasterCrafts. All are built using advanced composite materials ? 100-percent hand-laid fiberglass gives consistency throughout the hull. Our superstructure features a molded fiberglass inner hull liner chemically bonded with the stringers and outer hull into a one-piece structure. We then inject closed-cell flotation foam between the hull and liner to make the hull more rigid. One of the things we do differently on the X-series boats is instead of just mounting the tower to the fiberglass, we use what we call the anchor lock system where we put an aluminum plate inside the boat. We actually inlay an aluminum plate in the substructure, where we mount the tower so it reduces stress cracks and wear and tear. Then we through-bolt the tower through that plate as well as another aluminum backing plate.

Super Specs
Length: 20 ft. 9 in.
Beam 95 in.
Fuel capacity: 45 gal.
Seating capacity: 9
Test prop: 14 in. OJ 4-blade
Test engine: Indmar TBI 5.7L EFI Predator VRS
Base price: $47,260

On the Water
Top speed 45.2 mph 4,600 rpm
Accel to 22 5.02 sec.
Accel to 36 8.59 sec.
Accel to 30 to 36 3.48 sec.
Noise levels (db)
Idle 60 D 59 R
22 mph 78 D 82 R


Although the X-Star gets all the glory, the X-10 may be an even better wakeboarding boat. With the Triple KGB (Keel-line Gravity Ballast System) rapidly filling two rear and one front sac, the wakes on the X-10 quickly go from good to outrageous. Add some additional ballast in the nose and a few friends in the cockpit and you just don?t get better ramps. This boat eats up rough water and goes through its gargantuan double-up with barely a shudder.

Shape/Transition: Smooth, rampy
Ability to hold speed: Good
Driving Double-Ups: Phat
Ballast fill time: 4 min. 45 sec.
Ballast Balancing Qualities: Yes

On The Water


| | Wake

| | Unweighted

| | Factory Weight


| | Weighted

| | Wake Size

| | 3.5

| | 2

| | 1

| | Lip

| | 3

| | 1.5

| | 1

| | Tracking/Stability

| | 1.5

| | 1.5

| | 1.5

SCALE: 1 World class, 2 Tournament quality, 3 Suitable for experts, 4 Suitable for advanced recreational use, 5 Suitable for recreational use.

Chill Factor
This is a great boat for a long day on the lake. It has complete wraparound seating, so a lot of riders can lounge. The stereo is killer and there?s good storage ? boards will fit under the passenger seat. At night this boat glows with courtesy lights in the cockpit and storage areas. There?s an optional heater for the driver, who also gets an ergonomic masterpiece control center and seat.

This all-new boat for 2001 approaches wakeboarding perfection. You couldn?t ask for a more luxurious ride, nor could you hope for better wakes. You get an unbelievable amount of room in the cockpit thanks to the complete wraparound seating. With the optional racks on the tower, you could easily load 10 riders and boards and still have room to breathe. Drivers have the best seat in the house. We have not been in a boat with better speed-holding abilities even when weighted down. The custom dash has the gauges right where you need them, and your stereo controls are right at your fingertips. The rack-and-pinion steering makes this 3,000-pound hull handle turns as easily as a Jetski. It?s a boat that makes you want to ride all day, and one in which you don?t mind if you have to drive all day.

Contact Information:
100 Cherokee Cove Dr.
Vonore, TN 37885-2129
Phone: 800-482-BOAT
Fax: 800-392-6287
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