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Waterski Waterski

WSM: Who should buy this boat?

Tig��: I think it is just about the ?do everything?

boat that handles big water, and it gives great wakes for slalom


and wakeboarding. Over the last two years it has been extremely

popular with families, but guys in their mid-thirties to forties

are drawn in by the look of the boat. They like the freshness and

the edginess of it. We?re finding that 12- to 16-year-old kids are

dragging their parents in and they?re buying the boat, but it is

the kids making the decision. Someone who is really into

wakeboarding doesn’t want a ski boat ? they want a boat that is

geared toward them ? both in demographics and design.

Why should someone buy this boat?

It’s the first boat we truly engineered from the ground up to be a

wakeboard boat. It’s designed to hold at least 10 boards and 12-13

people and still perform beautifully with that amount of load. The

boat is designed not to use ballast and still produce pro wakes. We

don’t have to sacrifice storage, hamper performance, harm the

boat’s structural integrity or violate Coast Guard regulations to

get our wake. This is a boat that uses its own size and mass to

create the wake.

**Do you use any special construction techniques that help this

boat stand up to the rigors of wakeboarding?**

The biggest secret of these boats is that they are drastically

overbuilt. We spend 21 days building a boat vs. the industry

average of seven. The strength and weight of the materials used in

the Quadrabeam chassis system, which incorporates four cross-braced

stringers for stiffness, is significantly greater than the industry

trend of soft-density foam and lightweight fiberglass stringers. We

use XL flooring throughout the boat that is fully laminated with a

combination of hand-laid, bi-directional and tri-directional glass.

The shell of this boat is significantly heavier than a traditional

ski boat. Our boats have a low center of gravity due to the weight

in the core material. This not only enhances longevity, but 5-10

years down the road the boat will feel as tight and quiet as the

day you bought it. That?s why our resale value is so high and why

we have such customer loyalty in a short amount of time.

For wakeboarders, that weight (equivalent to one to two fat sacs)

below the water line adds stability and greatly enhances wake size

when used in conjunction with the TAPS. When you put 10-12 people

in a boat on large bodies of water consistently doing double-ups,

the boat is taking quite a beating. We build the boat to last.

Super Specs

Length: 21 ft. 2 in.

Beam: 100 in.

Fuel capacity: 40 gal.

Seating capacity: 12

Test prop: 13 x 13 Cutter 4-blade

Test engine: MerCruiser MX 6.2 Black Scorpion

Base price: $36,300

On the Water


Top speed 46.8 mph 4,900 rpm

Accel to 22 5.50 sec.

Accel to 36 8.75 sec.

Accel to 30 to 36 3.50 sec.

Noise levels (db)

Idle 64 D 65 R

22 mph 82 D 82 R


Tig��?s wake is the most easily adjusted on the

water. While it doesn?t facilitate side-to-side changes, TAPS is

ideal for on-the-fly wake changes. It can produce a peaky kicker

ramp for wake-to-wake moves as well as a clean lip with smooth

transitioning for big into the flats moves. For the maxed-out,

pro-style wake we still recommend some weight in the bow.

Shape/ Transition: Variable tending towards steep

Ability to hold speed: Excellent

Driving Double-Ups: Excellent

Ballast fill time: NA

Ballast Balancing Qualities: No

On the Water

Wake Unweighted Factory Weight Weighted
Wake Size 2 NA 1.5
Lip 2 NA 1
Tracking/Stability 1 NA 1

Scale: 1 World class, 2 Tournament quality, 3 Suitable for

experts, 4 Suitable for advanced recreational use, 5 Suitable for

recreational use.

Chill Factor

With its intelligently designed interior, easily collapsible tower,

killer racks and pumping stereo, the 21V Riders is a boat you want

to pack with as many friends as you have and hit the water for as

long as possible. Its combination of style, comfort, ease of

driving and great wakes makes it perfect for the long sessions with

multiple riders and equipment.


This is the future of wakeboarding boats. Not only does the

glass-encapsulated quad stringer and flooring system give the boat

strength and a rock-solid ride unmatched through double-ups and in

rough water, it adds weight down low in the boat so no ballast

system is needed. The boat gains mass without sacrificing handling,

plus it?s guaranteed for life. It?s a win-win situation. Coupled

with Tig��?s heralded TAPS system, the 21 V Riders

Edition is a rider?s dream.

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