SeaLife's new DC1400 Pro Duo captures high resolution underwater images with ease.

SeaLife DC1400

Sure, you could put your iPhone in a zipper bag and take great underwater pictures. But we think SeaLife has a better idea. Their new DC1400 Pro Duo features a high-end, high resolution pocket point and shoot camera that you can use topside. But when combined with the included case and lighting assembly it allows for foolproof use down to 200 feet. That's more than most of us need to capture our daughter's first snorkeling trip at the sandbar, or an underwater view of a prized fish about to be released.

The camera is a 14 megapixel beauty that will also shoot hi-def video. It felt rugged and proved easy to use during my brief demo. The supplied light provides 500 lumens. Is all this overkill? Maybe. Then again you're not likely to miss a shot, you'll impress your friends and save your phone's battery for other things. Like making calls.