2024 Solara S250 DC

Your ultimate dual console adventure awaits.

We’re aboard the Solara S250 DC, a brand-new dual console built for a variety of boating interests. Whether it’s cruising, entertaining, fishing, or water sports, you can do it all aboard this new S250 DC.

There’s a long list of standard features. First of all, it’s beautiful red carbon fiber matches and sets off the red threads in the brow which helps keep the glare down. A standard big-screen Garmin display, it’s got the Yamaha digital displays, there are more carbon fiber panels here for the switches. They’re all illuminated, and they’re all in easy reach. There’s a tilt wheel and Yamaha’s electronic controls, a VHF radio, a footrest, a compass, and a helm chair with armrest, swivels, and everything you need. Also, included free is a marine head, aft beverage cooler, fish box that doubles as a livewell, rod holders, large under-seat cooler, and the list continues. 

Two reasons why this long standards list is important to you as a boat buyer: 

Number one it makes it easier to buy the boat since it comes completely equipped.

Number two, by standardizing everything, Solara can standardize their production process which makes it less expensive to build so you can get it for a lower price. You’ll find it’s priced a lot lower than comparably sized and equipped models.  

Let’s point out some other things about Solara that make them unique. One of those has to be the clear path swim platform where you can walk from one side of the boat to the other, without tripping over any rigging. That’s because Solara in collaboration with Yamaha has run the rigging under the deck where it’s out of the way. It gives it a clean look and is really functional. 

The boat comes with covers for the helm, the Galley, and more, including this protective bow to no cover. The great thing about this new Solara model is what they call transformative seating where seats transform in place. Check out this lounge, right now where there’s seating for two facing aft and seating for two that serve as companion seating for the helm. The backrest folds down, and one falls back to create an aft-facing lounge perfect for two. 

After spending the day out on the Solara S250 DC boat, we’ve come to the conclusion it’s a highly versatile boat, loaded with standard features beyond any other similar boat you will find in the marketplace, and delivers a high level of value for the boat buyer. Learn more at their website