2024 Tahoe Sportboats T21

The T21 blends a sporty ride with great performance.

It’s hard not to get excited when you get on a new boat and you want to punch the throttle, and that’s exactly what we did on this Tahoe T21. We made 57mph at top speed with this boat, which is pretty sweet for an 11-passenger carrying capacity. You get an extremely fast hull shot, thanks to the Mercury V8 which is ideal for when pulling skiers. Nearly 2 years of R&D went into this before they built the first one.

It’s all composite construction and Tahoe was one of the first brands to do this. It has complete level flotation, even though the Coast Guard only requires boats under 20 feet to have it. The dashboard is entirely touch screen, the boat has great storage, and even better stability. There’s a big story here to tell you and we’re here to walk you through it on the Tahoe T21.