Boating’s First Look at the 2024 Scarab 235 ID

Stylish, plush, and great for the family.

Scarab’s boats are well known to the editors of Boating. In 2022, Boating’s team tested more than 100 boats – PWCs, runabouts, cruisers, dayboats, and center-consoles – and chose the Scarab Jet 285 ID, a wide-beam, luxury runabout with all the advantages of jet propulsion, as a finalist for Boat of the Year. There was plenty for the editors to praise: the huge sun pad and transom platform, enclosed head, 12-inch intuitive touchscreen interface, the 600 hp jet propulsion that’s quieter than other boats in the category. Now Scarab splashes a new contender: the Scarab Jet 235 ID.

The 235 ID follows the strategy that Scarab introduced with the 285: stylish, plush, and great for the family.

There are many unique features to Scarab that address the most common concerns about jet boats. Worried about weeds being sucked in? With one tap on the touchscreen, the Intelligent Debris Free Pump System (IDF) disengages the drive shaft and spins the impeller in reverse to flush debris. Concerned about the “creep factor” of jet propulsion? Use the Neutral Offset setting to counterbalance the forward or back motion to find a true neutral. There’s also Docking Mode, which slows the throttle response for easier control at low speed and for tight quarters maneuvering.

What about the wake? It’s relatively long, a rarity for a jet boat. It cleans up well, and has a deep pocket and good push for a boat this size. There is one ballast bag under seating in each side aft, and a single bag forward. There’s also an external ballast bag designed to go on the aft platform to add extra weight to the surfer’s preferred side. All bags are already plumbed into system, and easily filled and emptied via the touchscreen.

At the helm, the touchscreen allows riders to choose their preferred speed, ballast preference, and acceleration profile from mild to aggressive. Once your wave is dialed in, save it in a preset for easy access. The display also integrates speed/rpm, exterior/interior/navigation lightning, engine data, as well as access to the owner’s manual as a PDF file.

Scarab’s tagline is “the outperformer.” A bold statement, but one the manufacturer continues to live up to.