On My Dock with Randy Vance featuring Mustang Survival

Providing safety solutions for all those who live beyond land.

Join Boating Magazine’s editor at large, Randy Vance, as he explores Mustang Survival’s PFDs powered by their innovative MIT technology. As the primary tool used for boating safety, selecting the correct personal flotation device for your activities on the water is key to keeping everyone aboard safe. Mustang Survival has spent decades doing just that in the recreational, military and commercial spaces. They’ve perfected Membrane Inflatable Technology to offer new and improved convertible inflation technology, additional buoyancy and easier re-arm & repack solutions. The Mustang MIT series comes in three different buoyancy level trims. The MIT 70 features 15.8 lbs of buoyancy and is ideal for inshore and inland conditions when rescue is nearby. The MIT 100 features an increased buoyancy of 28 lbs and is suitable for both inshore and offshore applications with even more airway protection. The MIT 150 provides 38 lbs of buoyancy and is ideal for conditions that require heavier protective gear offshore. Whether you’re out on the water in a kayak, a powerboat or offshore sailing, stay safe with Mustang Survival.

Learn More about Mustang Survival’s MIT inflatable PFD range: mustangsurvival.com